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Plague of comets world-war III: monsoon season 2020.

a)Even without the plague of comets through monsoon season; this year 2020 was signaled already as global “massacre year” long ago: preemptively designated as advertised on one our key site
b)Niku Apocalypse with Unukalhai, the Star of the Devil happens especially in Italy.
c)Italy shares selfsame ascendant with the USA. Selfsame? Not exactly: Italy’s is Serpens Caput while USA’s is Serpens Cauda. Thus while various sets of Italians (re)discover the new world, USA rightfully adopts rattlesnake flag: don’t thread on me.
d)Of curse, them naive founding fathers being mere French operetta Masons, knew nothing of skies, astrology and probably even genuine Masonry at all. The result is that the American continent has had zero Astrologers to this day, with perhaps two talented but too old exceptions: one in Costa Rica and the other in Arizona. Dear fiends?
e)Saturn Pluto brought virus in time: (as predicted a decade ago) said aspect was set for two-years duration: the prediction of UK government exactly. Whether staged, real or merely useful: said virus succeeded in wrecking an already divided planet towards war.
f)World war III should have happened on the Korean peninsula with Moon in Corvus in 2010. Recession comes late after Saturn hit Serpens Cauda ascendant. As Saturn likes to delay it’s often destructive ||| (but also recomposing) measures; our predictions were right: with but a slight delay: time-permitting as speaking from saturnine side.
g)We are watching and publishing closely the obscure “developments” within an unfathomable North Korean “political” (family) scene.
h)“Year of the Brat” resumes both Wuhan bat and world-wide rat: as both thrive across empty cities: definitively their year: flying rat starts it with virus while various rodents present Yesenia pestis: came from the stars.
i)Comet from the stars: with a 6026 year period, it witnessed plague over Mesopotamia when Egypt was young: throve precisely after Mesopotamian plague. At the time, Jericho was walled city already!
j)Year of the golden or metal rat is also dreaded as “snake eyes” year: perhaps (provenly alas) the worst of all.
k)Yesenia pestis was already present across the world, yes even in the USA; when a case was signaled in early November 2019 when every viral case apparently converged: Hanta virus as well as known “bat virus”.
l)Killer hornets do kill rats: are therefore likely sent by God (the good one). Alas, they also reportedly kill humans and bees. Apparently, Japanese bees learned how to “cook” said flying monster. Speaking of cartoon monsters, someone would argue that bats are nothing but flying rats. Well, you said it.
m)Now, whether comets do bring viri is philosophical dispute no longer: they do.
n)Said viri apparently combine with those already present in higher atmosphere.
o)Bacteria may combine with viri as well: by “combine” all we know is various RNA strips get “exchanged”: a nasty curious sort of hacking, programming, like give me your adenine and perhaps I-the-virus will exchange it with my cytosine. However it might be, things up there get interesting down here especially during monsoon season.
p)Therefore India is critical, reckoning by monsoon season – and the area meaning Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar. Said season is said to endure throughout summer, namely from (April through) June to September.
q)The ::|:|: southwest :|:|:: monsoon reaches the coast of the southern state of Kerala around June 1st. It usually arrives in Mumbai approximately 10 days later, reaches Delhi by the end of June, and covers the rest of India by mid-July. Every year, the date of the monsoon's arrival is the subject to/of much speculation. Despite numerous predictions by the meteorological department, it's rare that anyone gets it right though! No Astrologers in India. Gemini never rose at east since Lord Krishna walked through Mahabharata. A NASA upgrade enables Vedic calculi: we can now calculate even the position of the Moon for that glorious epoch. Yes, even Moon in Corvus for a given location.
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