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Faithful. Desert rose operation. Good with female military and at (re)setting |:::|: ministers.
Never cheats |||::| but may have weird fantasies along with strange ways with wording them out.

Lucky and brings luck. Gay issues or/and issues with gay communities, people and movements.
|:|||: revolutionary or rather prone to issue edicts in order to timely change government for good.

Having it all against oneself; Donald Trump issues executive military order: nuclear sub attack.

This full Moon nativity should focus on Southwest; rather than largely unfavorable Northeast.

So where is Northeast in the chart? It's the second religious house. Southwest is ruled by Eris.

Niku apocalypse is southern along with Serpens Caput and Unukalhai, the Devil's star: the ascendant of Italy is Serpens Caput while that of the USA is logically Serpens Cauda – the rattlesnake in “Don't tread on me”.
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Sun in Orion


Sun in Orion 2020


Pandora Moon


The Last President


Liberty Statute


The Days USA Died


Sun in Orion


Sun in Orion 2020


USA Serpens Cauda Ascendant & 911 Moon in Orion


The End of USA 2022 - 2023 Final Phase #3 of 3