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Real Time Reality Rendering Tools

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How fast is your love? can’t be faster than your #RTRRT


I Ching offers a wide range of possibilities in seconds: from future-changing to quick estimate.
She is an one :||||| night stand babe :|:||| (most probably) had an abortion; does give a fig about marriage and quarrels (will quarrel) the morning after: your ideal pick, or hears because she did not expose that cleavage by chance: got it?


A blend of directional Astrology techniques combines a wide range of predictory events delineations, including e.g. Sabian oracle! Know not only when but also the quality of event.


Anyone can predict anyone else’s next marriage in minutes, but you want hour minute second.
The Astrologer is armed with 1008 planets: evocation sigils, case-specialized spiritual guidance for the purpose at hand.


Future-changing has never been easier: you don’t need magick carpet, enchanted circle or pentagrams: invest in simple but quintessential (eastern) methods in instant magick.


A shoeshine boy casually determined proxy death onto a client. In gently warning him: futurities tend to change at least in fairly volatile people; shoeshine boy never knew that he just predicted on a world-famous astrologer. Dead man tells no tales: but shoeshine boy, florist and butcher are still there – predicting for clients as they serve them with joy.


Can anyone predict and future-change in minutes? Yes, but apparently not: mostly because people get cemented in asinine idiocy right from the start: they e.g. “believe” in things: like Gemini rising at east: it never rose there since Krishna and “belief” surely does not help shifting the observable skies by (90) ninety degrees #QuarterSky
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