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What is this catalog about? Rather than being mere catalog, it points towards catalogs galore which do contain every sort of detail as concern your future-scanning and future-changing.
A catalog to point towards catalogs? OK. But what is future-?
Future-scanning simply means you can instantly know your next wedding day – or next love affair – or whatever you can imagine suck as stocks, baby delivery or lottery.
How is the knowledge of any future achieved? According to shoeshine boy, florist and butcher: this simple knowledge is passed from commoner to commoner - in minutes – to be perused in said minutes, such as while serving customers – on the go. No special knowledge is in fact needed for such simple exemplar divination as to next marriage.
The florist-butcher-shoeshine~boy trio is not merely proverbial at all, as one will find out through one's own self-initiation: everyone is able to e.g. foretell the death of a famous astrologist, just like the shoeshine boy occasionally did: said boy did not even know that the person was an astrologer – one of world fame. The only problems with them popular astrologers is that they can't in fact predict anything: not even Full Moon. But you can. You will probably find that it is difficult to help them – should you try, since they will e.g. insist on not knowing their own natal Sun sign for lifetime: it is a matter of prestige for them!
The are are in fact e.g. totally anonymous as improvised peoples that count nothing and do nothing but in turn despise everyone else who actually produces something – whose product they even boast at the selfsame time: one may despise the German people for various reasons while finding their products fairly reliable, the USA may drive half of the word mad but they know how to make things; and yes - no dago-hater would refuse a Lamborghini, really. Thus, one can both despise and crave more or less the selfsame things; such as the sky in the case of “astrologers” or the Three Main Tarot Initiations in the case of “tarot experts”.
The matter of divination for commoners has been greatly elaborated upon through works for the general public such as “20 Minutes Astrology”
Now that you fairly know your future time-lane: you can change any forthcoming negative event into something beautiful to happen to you. That is your birthright: in that respect, you are divine. All you need is a timely plan along with pure intent. Of course, the RTRRT reserve little tricks, tips and advices as you go: but essentially you are already there.
RTRRT stands for Real Time Reality Rendering tools or future-changing: Instant Magick for one. Manifesting an event requires minutes and is called Snow Crash.
The strength of divination is in the true skies. The strength of RTRRT is in sheer simplicity as applied to relevant traditional techniques. One shall see that both systems are one as updated on daily basis while being tested and greatly embellished by new contributions.

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