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1008 Tarot Base Deck

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The modest incipient charter for the 1008 #Tarot that aims at encompassing #1008planets
along with their sigils, planetary spirits attributions along with theurgy manual.

Planetary spirits can be advantageously contacted even in e.g. dream by sleeping with
an appropriate sigil under thy pillow.
You will get the following files:
  • PNG (477KB)
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  • PNG (423KB)
  • PNG (435KB)

Futurechanging Astrology






2022 AEON CETI BIS Jupiter in Cetus – end of UK (& USA) Venus in Scutum


USA Serpens Cauda Ascendant & 911 Moon in Orion




Academic Zodiac RTRRT


Pandora Moon


Venus in Pegasus 2025 with other interesting planetary Placements


Jupiter in Cetus - end of the UK (and USA)