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Thelema 93 Year 2022 - Cairo Maps

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Cairo Maps 93 ||| saturnine Thelema year 2022: official site.

A pretty close angular conjunction, indeed. Hydra was rising as Aiwass 1904, let's check on our present ascendant? Shall we?

Oh, no! Niku Unukalhai Serpens Caput therefore the star of the Devil itself! The plague |::||| of our saturnine times; bringing all sorts of, especially vs Italy whose ascendant it represents!

Note that USA bears Serpens Cauda “don't tread on me” rattlesnake ascendant much as proto-Brittania; as both discovered and founded by Italy itself. Thus: “England's dark satanic hills”. Britishism, indeed.

Niku is forever retrograde, thus apocalyptic omens concerning it's Unukalhai proximity.

The star of the Devil never fails in its ominous portents: already with Saturn there we predicted the rise of fascism in Italy: where “high toll” became all-out full-scale genocide.

Et voila'! Famine comes with communism, but there is always a grand market. Remember Facebook?

Wells absurdly go dry but there's always the ocean.

Absurdly because Jupiter and of course Neptune are supposed to foster the watery element.

Western descendant is Cetus ||| as traditionally inspiring every British governmental idiocy.

Sorry starseed, not Tau Ceti at all; but Ceto is near the ascendant.

And Khufu agrees like pyramid under Sun Ra with Eris in Cetus lurking like Apep from its depths: nuclear submarine or Leviathan, behemoth of the apocalypse.

Deucalion is about floods, aye. Just in case every other method fails.

And Pandora is with Antares. A view to a kill, indeed.

Niku Unuk-al-Hai in Srpens Cauda - Devil spirals forever retrograde.
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