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Chinese 2022 Year of the ||| Dragon | VENVS IN SCVTVM BIS MMX|V - MMXX||

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#WW3update #Apocalypse #1008planets #Armageddon

* 2022 Venus in Scutum marks the re-ascension of China ||| even after 2014 Huawei feat.

2014 Venus in Scutum 2022 selfsame, but 2014 was more penetrating, alright.

* 2025 Venus in Pegasus 2017 | Mesopotamian Yersina Pestis comet approach.
* Venus in Scutum, Pegasus, Hydra, Crater, Orion, Ophiuchus, Sextans, Cetus,,,
* Moon in Auriga, Orion 911, Corvus, Sextans, Cetus, Ophiuchus...
* AEON MMXII Jupiter+Uranus=Cetus; Age of Hydra, ERA ERIDANI, Age of ^^ Pegasus...
* Doomsday comet unleashes |::||| plague after its last visit 6000 years ago.
* At the epoch: Jericho withstood plague but not Anadolians; Mesopotamia was plagued.
* 2010 BoE corvine moons (Moon in Corvus) mark preemptive investments into WW3.
* 2020 WW3 happened with Saturn Pluto (Jupiter) conjunction - as duly anticipated.
* Neo-Techno-Fascism on the rise in Italy with Niku Apocalypse in Serpens Caput.
* USA ascendant Serpens Cauda to follow suit as per (historically) usual.
* UK government asininely adamant in launching endless detrimental directives w/ Moon in Cetus |||
* Niku is a forever retrograding planet stirring awake the Star of the Devil.
* The Devil's own Star is Unuk-al-Hai Alpha Serpentis in Serpens Caput.
* Serpens Caput hosts Alpha Serpentis and Italian serpentine “fascist” ascendant.
* America (Canada...) has been re-discovered in perusing Venetian geographical maps.
* The reptilian ascendant of the USA is Serpens Cauda; eventually giving place to ornithological Aquila.
* Serpens Cauda is the tail of the snake - thus rattlesnake - Don't Tread on Me: Tread-stone.

"No one is more hated than he who speaks truth." ~ Plato on

Basic astromagical data for #1008planets in your horoscope

In this sign: you will ascend. The ascendant is your primary guardian angel.
Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius and Capricornus are not ascendants. No-one you know can possibly have those, not by a very long shot.
How long? Gemini has not been ascendant since Krishna, Aries since Christ, etc...
How large are “errors” today? Nowadays at Xmas time, zodiacal error is seven (7) “signs”. Gemini is being miscalculated at east when it can be seen at north, so 90 degrees or #QuarterSky
People who talk of Gemini ascendant, Pluto in Aries or Eris in Taurus are not simply average nincompoops: they endanger the survival not only of their own species – if any: but in extension all species; being prone to 270+ degrees of error and not knowing it for lifetime. E.g. one idiotic specimen miscalculated USA ascendant as Polar Star: therefore 90 degrees of asinine “error”. USA ascendant is Serpens Cauda.
Usually a “renown astrologer” dies without ever knowing Sun sign. There are 16 of them, Sun signs: nothing too much to do with 16 ascendants for the current epoch.
Tarot=Zodiac=Ascendant Set as the 22/16 synergy :||:|
See on extremely rare Taurine Ascendants as adjacent to Eridanus ascendants.
Services may be available by e-mail. All further information is still available online even after deletion campaign by them asinine hunch men as minions of the Evil One.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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