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Corona Virus DIY Cure

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#Corona #virus: easily removed pretty much as cancer #CancerCure

How do you remove any nuisance; said phantom virus including: in yourself and others?


a)You peruse your favorite standard Reality Rendering Tools: typically #Cascade.
b)Why Cascade? Cascade breaks said virus apart. Discreating tips as follow.
c)Project said virus unto a mental (or real curtain) screen before you.
d)Walk through it as it splits apart: never to come back: no second wave with Cascade.
e)Cascade is like katana blow: use once with great conviction: do not think.
f)A siddhi-yoga variant works as well: become strong enemy virus yourself or project yourself small but angry: slash said virus while rushing through it: never look back.
g)The technique is thus no different from original “slash that burger” example along with standard cancer discreation.
h)Any #RTRRT will discreate negativity while recreating the matrix into a better variant.
i)Essentially, the #RTRRT act as cut and paste matrix hacking as one is able to cut a portion of time-space (even in advance) in order to change an (unwanted future or actual) event: patching it as it were with a lively one.
j)How do we know when e.g. recurring cancer will lurk to hit? We calculate.
k)All basic and advanced material has been made available through a variety of sites.
l)Everyone can quickly learn how to calculate and change future: in minutes.
m)A normal boy can learn how to calculate your next marriage day in twenty minutes.
n)It takes a few seconds or minutes – depending on case – in order to know next marriage.
o)Astrology is not just about marriage: anything else is easily calculable.
p)An Astrologer needs no computer, much as a Instant Magick requires no physical tools.
q)Anyone can learn how to predict and change future in minutes.
r)While initiation may take from twenty minutes to three days (or years), operations are quick: minutes.
s)Thus, really basic Astrology will tell not only whether but recurrently when a patient will contract nuisance.
t)To contract a disease means to catch or acquire an illness through the exposure to a contagious pathogen. However, one may also contract a disease that is non-communicable such as cancer. Contract a disease is a verb phrase, related terms are contracts a disease, contracted a disease and contracting a disease.
u)The #RTRRT treat any nuisance as “obstacle” to be discreated.
v)RTRRT stands for Real-Time Reality Rendering Tools.
w)#RTRRT is based on a set of elementary solid occult principles such as found in Sikkim.
x)In the selfsame fashion as UNIX treats everything like file; the #RTRRT makes no difference betwixt corona, cancer or debts. SVVM CVIQUE.
y)The word “contract” is derived from the Latin word CONTRACTVS which means to draw together. To “contact” a disease is not a correct in an expression.
z)Other #RTRRT can perform but #Cascade will do.
You will get a PDF (307KB) file