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Why 4th of May? Because it is peak Witchallow connection: even deadlier than Illuminati May Day. Twice a year, the Sun makes contact with Witchǻllow or the other world: on Halloween (you guessed it) and May Day. So as things do tend to shift in omniverse local and world beyond; so do (solar) dates. Of curse, some adjustments due can be made: here are our calculi for the merry occasion. See? Everything falls out of space.
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2023 Jupiter in Cetus 2022 Venus in Scutum


Middle Seat


Pluto Return at the end of the USA ||:|::


2022 Jupiter 2012 Cetus 2022 Venus 2014 Scutum


Snow Moon 2022


2022 Jupiter in Cetus 2023 Venus in Scutum


Thelema 93 Year 2022 - Cairo Maps


Dark Avatars


Sun in Orion


Kim Yo-jong - Lucretia Borgia of the East