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Jupiter in Cetus 2022 and the End of the World

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Jupiter returns into Cetus 2020 after AEON 2012 when it was there with Uranus.

Do sanction provider of half of your energies, do. 2014 Venus in Scutum 2022 selfsame, but 2014 was more penetrating, alright. 

The second phase is all-out war: especially "legal". They are e.g. after your real estate. All of it.

All-out war on USA by USA apparent: judicial, legal and alas real war: especially in seizing real estate from ex citizens now slaves.

The first phase of final USA death lays in its utter retreat from world scene: both military and financial.

Absurdly, that was achieved via "schooling" that is indoctrination vs USA by USA or the alike.

Attack northeast - spare southwest: may be seen as political but is actually military in a tactics.

Friendly black lodges: however weird that may sound; even the 99: sorority, fraternity and more or less unholy marriage betwixt...

Long ago, even the USA had a friend: but she's over a distant frontier now: desisting.

Death of USA in last three pre-refined phases – as openly announced by those asinine before faders who founded it for their own amUSement and profit. February Full Moon critical but also the previous one: it's about really massive cheating upon even the most non-naive audience.

USA alleged Pluto return: in this draft we do not apply extra precision at all: being merely assay, we just inspect the verily approximate chart: Serpens Cauda is ascendant no matter what programs say. Astronomy comes first as predictive astrology: all else is divertimento.

Precise custom calculi from NASA JPL will be made available for special customers.

With global death toll set to maximum in 2020 already with Saturn Pluto: happened as predicted: we have nothing new, even with a real virus or something as released: always a possible hazard. Himalaya still there: people will live modest lives if live at all: karma et al.

With real estate at stake, we look forward to Tekton and Orcus switching zodiacal positions from Sextans to Hydra and vice-versa. We are talking of big; even huge real estate like whole countries falling from hand to hand: in other words: war: whether visible or invisible.

Legal issue as paramount with the Moon (people) near Rhadamanthus: many have sued governments already. Note that Jupiter joined fatal Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 already.

Moon Spica Virginis is good portent for my own readers: many inventions. Fame andi glory,But: incipient errors empty governmental reserves (this requires further FED chart analyses) : foxy people (akin to Bush dynasty perhaps) suggest “new beginnings” or building back...

This is the end of the USA as we thought we knew: that is for sure: has already been with Saturn returning into Ophiuchus thus operating behind Serpens Cauda's back that is in the 12th house of the horoscope: financial crisis was thus lingering way back before Age of Pegasus.

Plutocracy alright: but partially new breed peruses every trick in every foul book in order to mix credit cards to their own advantage only: people are confused, misinformed &or dead.

With Saturn ditched in Capricornus: being “conservative” does not mean much at all. On the other hand, the Sun approaches an interesting “Obama planet”, stirring old swamps a bit.

The star of the Devil with Niku are formidably aligned with due north. Talking of foxy...
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