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What is yr #AngelSign? #Ophiuchus #Orion #Hydra #Sextans #Serpens #Monoceros #Cetus #tweko #Ofiuco #Astrology #StarSign #16SunSigns #22odiac   
What is your own horoscope sign? Do you have one? Forget about faux Sun-signs & virtual asendants!
OPHIUCHUS – Ophiuchus is one of the 22 – not merely 13 – zodiacal signs. You can have an Ophiuchus ascendant and not know it: also, Moon or Venus in Ophiuchus: whole generations have e.g. Neptune in Ophiuchus. Examples abound: HRH Prince George, the pope, USA, Kim Kardashian, Korean Kim, Justin Bieber... Gain power in the year #2016shift with #Saturn in #Ophiuchus #Ofiuco
ORION – To have Sun in Orion is surely marks special character, but every other planet enters Orion as well. Readers will know of Venus in Orion as “Stargate Venus” to be a bit shy, while Moon there can be fatal – see 9-11. 
MONOCEROS are born leaders like Angelina Jolie, the female lioness into unicorn.
HYDRA – In the Hydra year #2015shift Venus enters Hydra: does your summertime love know the times are right? Hydra is not merely cunning, it is also occultly wise: ascendant Hydra Crowley was not entirely charlatan at all... 
CETUS – Deep waters for all with planets in Cetus, especially children as born with all planets in Cetus. Cetacean equinox is the hub of the Aeon. Cetus splits Pisces in two as we splash into the Second Age of Pisces. 
SEXTANS – The most stable zodiacal ascendant of the moment is what the Vatican and Russia have in common.  
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