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Middle Seat

Goat hairs of King Rat in the year of the Brat.

a)There is talk of post-viral oil.
b)What is different with this virus?
c)No virus has been weaponized as this one.
d)“I am a swab guy.”
e)Next slide.
f)Diversified testing eco-system: yes, they are.
g)All military operations, including Jericho genocide, are carefully planned in advance.
h)“Dedicated” cleaners wipe surfaces, while novel as well as traditional viri and bacteriai normally go areal. In order to inhale them all or at least most of them – upcoming now, one must wear a screening mask. Wear in both in the sense of worn-out and carry-on. “Soak in joy” while socially distancing in Disneyland.
i)Hilarious expressions like “soak in the joy” while socially distancing in Wonderland mostly spat derive from BS as generously spawned by MSM.
j)Rises the question: are both sheeple and globaleft “elite” (?) infected by selfsame brain virus?
k)Yes, they are.
l)There is the saying in Disneyland, also known as Dalmatia, whence allegedly Walter’s grand grandmother originated: “Cleanliness makes half health: while dirt the other half.”
m)Experimental foreclosures were planned at Davos 2017 to last for two years. 2023 is popular deadline. 2026 is next. Whoever planned wants to wreck the planet while enforcing upper hand on constitutions, “educational” system and rightfully owned media parrots.
n)Surely among novel prevaricating avtomatchiks…
o)Boris also showed how to cleverly flip a Marilyn moment on its head (pun intended!) with a quick cycle or walk through a windy street. Try this at home by spritzing your hair with Bumble & Bumble and standing in front of a large fan.
p)You do have a large fan. And twin bathrooms. You are supposed to, so no worry.
q)Ruffled: strategically mussed up tresses.
r)Youthful blonde shade? Check! Artfully tussled fringe? Check! I Mean Business frown? Check!
s)The benefits of adequate dreamwork consist in not having to stop lying at night.
t)Boris is blessed with a thick tressing mop, but though male-pattern baldness clearly isn’t an issue, as he has recently admitted to dying the odd stray grey.
u)‘Is this some kind of sick joke?’ were among some of the messages of support that flooded in following the news that yes, BoJo is new UK’s (sic) prime minister.
v)The man who had helmed Britain’s vote to give UK’s Europe a decisive ‘up yours’ UK and suggested the Prime Minister of Turkey had slept with a goat is now in charge of our country and our relationship with the rest of the world.
w)How Turkish is he? Experience speaks. Goat hairs?
x)Coins of the day don't show goat's ears, but what emperorii would have permitted that? Still this comment from a coin collector is fun: The Emperor With Many Faces.
y)Like Trump, Johnson’s supporters feel his perceived popular appeal outweighs any shortcomings he has as an actual political operator and, like Trump, his failure to grasp detail is little short of astonishing. Also: they both speak non-stop with confidence apparent, but sincerely in comparison, Trump is truth-sayer.
z)Among other revelations, a senior civil servant describes him as a “fucking moron”.
aa)What is a moron? Marrano is frequent toponym and surname in Venice thus Adriatic area where first ghetto still stands guarded עוזי by twin green berets (churches you can smashiii) with Uzis.
ab)A Marrano is convert: juice convert to to Christianity. But there is no saying what Goldilocks is about since slimy juice makes for goat hair.
ac)If global portents for 2020 summed up as “massacre”, then UK omens were “catastrophe”: namely each and every turn in British politics since referendum was chosen precisely as if hell would have an Astrologer (they don’t).
ad)Repeat a gross lie and sheeple will follow: make it absurd as obviously untrue and they will applaud your wisdom. Say, Gemini rises at east or US ascendant is polar star.
ae)So it’s about how many (years?) years (!) can an airplane company fly with empty middle seats?
af) What is different with this virus?

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