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“Venus Mars conjunction clearly stands for open war.” #RTRRT

Peace at War portents 2010-2020-2022-2023-2025 #WW3

a)War starts with Moon in Corvus. See under Corvine Moons if such a publication survives at least as note: this due to massive PDF-burning on the part of thy enemy.
b)Who is enemy? Mostly yourself, but psyche does not operate psyche #DefultMind
c)Easily predictable war continuance as primarily due to Venus in Scutum: Venus had a deeper penetration into Scutum in the year 2014 than it has in this year 2022.
d)Venus is metal war planet NIKH, while Mars generally stands for enemy.
e)See (do fetch) also (Ara) Baghdad bombing maps with troop movement predictions.
f)Venus and Mars are not friends: see e.g. on Venus in Hydra as opposing Mars in Cetus, in synastry and war (nuclear submarine wars) time operations.
g)Venus dropping down from Scutum loses her/its shields.
h)In any military astrology schoolbook, Venus Mars conjunction clearly stands for open (airborne) war.
i)Airborne panoptic ::||:: already alright but primarily surrounding – encircling – encompassing (famine inducing) |::::| siege-like, as also taking – climbing - encompassing skyscrapers in urban warfare as well as strategic mountains where e.g. communications reside as hidden, for now.
j)Cows are strategic animals. Bygone Pasteur. Global war on peoples' lives bygone.
k)Hopefully not, but some sort of heavy fire-launchers may be perused.
l)Note that Jupiter and Eris in Cetus bring about mighty a fleet, most formidably nuclear submarines. Also note as published in our Gog series some 30 years ago, that Syria is battleground still open as Putin's Armageddon viaduct.

With Icarus, an airborne operation is obviously marked underway as due.

Absurd Ra-Shalom (Eris) Pallas (shield) ascendant in (naval war, submarines, nuclear) Cetus ||.

Mercury square Uranus marks airborne conflicts – making e.g. civilian flights improbable.

Ascendant Aquarius with Saturn below in Capricornus – heavy stealth naval operations underway.
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