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Anyone could predict that #Nostradamus

a)Anyone could predict that: no need for an astrologer, which much as e.g. Copernicus or Ptolemy; Nostradamus surely never was.
b)Eye injury – including which eye; when and why – is even easier in a prediction than death, stocks or next marriage: shoeshine boy, florist and butcher make those jousting by memory.
c)Allegedly Nostradamus who had absolutely nothing to do with Notre Dame, predicted eye injury: anyone can do that: no big deal, in fact he could consult a real astrologer as concern most of “his” less obscure predictions.
d)His kind hating us all by default had only Bosch-like predictions that predict nothing.
e)All so-called biblical prophets had one “prediction” only: that a day will come.
f)Anyone knows that a day will eventually come. Also: what kind of prophecy is that a day will come and nobody knows said day?
g)Something bad will happen – as to you if you don’t pay taxes – one day soon.
h)2012 will happen. Mayan. Yes, Jupiter and Uranus in Cetus. Venus in Hydra, Scutum and Pegasus.
i)People went already beyond asinine: one Aussie bloke “calculated” USA ascendant as Polar Star. Polar stars are poler precisely because they never rise anywhere, the least at east; where e.g. Gemini never rose since Krishna: no one you know has Gemini ascendant, bloke.
j)One especially idiotic comment of course it towards all tabloids: Chiron entered Aries and Nostradamus “knew” that Notre Dame will be burnt by NWO. Now, Chiron did not.
k)Nostradamus would not care less, in fact he’d be the first to burn it: in a way, he did.
l)A juicy Marrano mentions Trojans and that proves he knew of the systemic burning of churches in France: that is beyond stupid, thus people buy it.
m)So every time an irrelevant dead burnt comet of the castrates enters an alleged Aries “sign”, churches burn: as if they would have time to wait for Chiron to do their job.
n)Firefighters were deliberately delayed for an hour or two and that is all the story.
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