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USA ascendant Serpens Cauda 911 Orion Moon NYC

The statue of liberty may not be Osiris exactly but surely was targeted in its own torch as ominous Osama Moon entered Orion on 9/11.

In respect to biblical Stargate (see on Auriga and Orion), said torch represents it: crossroad betwixt worlds, not unlike the

Stargate of Hell vis-a-vis under USA ascendant in Serpens Cauda (zodiacal Scutum, Ophiuchus).

The definitively oblique biblical instructions (or rather allusions; mainly unto uncaring Levites who overheard nothing of that) were about primary and secondary directions; southern constellations (down-under, southern comets and alike), Auriga, Stargate and Orion.

Much as 911, Osama has natal Moon in Orion conjunct Xi1 Orionis sharp: the second factor was Eris in the zodiacal constellation of Cetus

setting sharp at 0.0000 altitude western. The event was documented through terabytes of original material, for the benefit of further generations. An eventual candidate for first continental Astrologer being nowhere at sight, said material remains USA's only hope.

Orion is standard zodiacal station for all planets and also ascendant; thus one of the 22 zodiacal stations and 16 ascendant:

similarly Cetus and Ophiuchus: both ascendants as well as standard zodiacal stations: we live in the Aeon of Cetus and Age of Pegasus

(Venus in Pegasus). 1992 QB1, Nemesis and jihadi Varuna; along with a bunch of centaurs, dark planet and dwarf planets are among secondary factors. Are? Can happen again: that is why said case must be presented as-it-was, not as "asstrollogers" would have it: unremarkable according to their faux skies.

Delusional people do believe in 12 or 13 "zodiacal signs" that don't rise at east at all, but they make them: causing over 90 degrees of error in your horoscope.

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