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Missionaria Protectiva and the Second Beast of the Apocalypse

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Instant #Magick #RTRRT mini-rituals are justified and ancient. Cascade #RTRRT mini-rituals rituals come from an old Egyptian ritual – opening the portal.

The RTRRT act as daily mini-rituals, that is exorcism comes before positive visualization | where merely repeating affirmation fails.

a)One can animate said 2D (two-dimensional) projection of picturesque corona-virus.
b)Along some sort of Hitchcock-fashion horror, one can paint said virus on an old-fashioned bath-tub semi-transparent curtain; then slash it with gusto: never to look back. One can have a silent assistant (quite common from old Egypt to modern Masonry) e.g. burn the remnants, so one never looks back; never offering the virus a second chance. Selfsame tactics is perused in recurring cancer cure {where the “second (and third) wave} are predicted by common arithmetical prediction (also known as directional Astrology for the masses).
c)In a theatrical gesture, one can even perform said ritual for the masses. That would be a performance deign of Danunzio’s Kabiria, a form of magick called evocation often does require theatrical self-identification (such as with a deity).
d)The RTRRT act as daily mini-rituals, that is exorcism: comes before positive visualization | where merely repeating affirmation (or even some primitive mantra) fails.
e)Are the RTRRT akin to Reiki? In a way: yes. A typical RTRRT mini-ritual snatches (negative) energy from the problem (obstacle, nuisance): I order to transfix it into positive result.
f)There are synonyms to “transfix”, such as: fascinate, to entrance, bewitch, enamour, beguile… all of which (or witch) do convey magical (ritual) intent or RTRRT.
g)While rituals are meant to enhance or lure-out intent; they often require zero physical regalia, paraphernalia or apparels.
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