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Age of Pegasus 2016-2026

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a)Very a dark age being upon us even after jovial refreshment across saturnine viral conjunction with Pluto: after three years of sheer global exorcism, a return to the twin peaks of the Age of Pegasus is expected in 2025.
b)That this virus apparent is not what it seems and perhaps nothing at all; should be apparent even to the most gullible, credulous and asinine sheeple by now.
c)Even when viri are produced by selfsame (that is e.g. yours: your own) organism thus not at all imported from the outside – a virus may require piggybacking some RNA in order to replicate or combine e.g. with Yersinia pestis or whatever the Mesopotamian comet brought to us from inpested world 6000 years ago – and even when they are neither alive nor dead: mere code: even then they “die” by UV thus everybody knows that summer is definitively not viral season at all. But bacteria like Yersinia pestis may have less problems with, er… weather. Yes, those bacteria as hoarded within your muzzle: precisely. The problem is that nobody really knows what a virus is, the least understand it. All we know that we are all immune almost by default, as it were. This one is by no means different; no one died from it and no one will. Yes, they unleashed worst “journalism” as vested upon your default mind: lot of 666 then 6666 patents, the Gates of Sorrows and worst Chinawood propaganda: no one died in Wuhan for sure. No bats, no 666, just pedo-mafia, global communism, trans-ugliness, profit and big Pharma.
d)Trump merely wades the swamp undried: he is pro vaccination, as all political class is.
e)Visiting the swamp on a glass bottom boat is not visiting havoc upon it: it’s politics.
f)You may want to be the Beast or Beasts of the Apocalypse, but not even that Crowley succeeded with that. Something much more sinister than mandatory vaccine is required, or computer virus.
g)16 ascendants for the current epoch do not equal 16 solar stations.
h)Ophiuchus, Orion, Cetus and Sextans are zodiacal solar ascendants alright.
i)Hydra is longest zodiacal ascendant. Pegasus is zodiacal but not an ascendant: yet!
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Pluto Return at the end of the USA ||:|::



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