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Much as it happened to the zodiac, ours are not properly revisions at all: they are a completely new, sane and scientific praxis; thus, nobody can accuse us of revisions of something they used to believe in: ours are completely fresh genuine products that don't touch, overlap or even lean upon any prejudice and surely don't care about holders.




The zodiacs and ascendant sets were not only assumed as known to everybody but also asininely equalized in “no one will notice” fashion for over 5000 years. Don't make any mistakes even within your own field of expertise: we are coming; and we're not merely exorcists in inspection at all.




  1. Zodiacs. (Academic 22 Zodiac, G, X, M, N1, N2, P1, P2, E; all 1008 planetary zodiacs).

  2. Ascendant sets. (Presently 16 ascendants; ascendant sets for different epochs).

  3. House system. (It's Cartesian now).

  4. Sun signs. (16). (Cetus, Sextans, Orion, Ophiuchus).

  5. Directions. (Aspectarian).

  6. Planetary and constellations' (88) attributions.

  7. 1008 planets. (As promptly delineated; Sednoid, centaurs, Apoheles, Outer Guardians, comets).

  8. Tarot. Major arcana = 22 zodiacal stations. Elementary permutations = 16 ascendants.

  9. Pentagram ritual. (Archangels reshuffled according to precessed star-lore.)

  10. Enochian attributions. (Aspectarian; Enochian Ring web award 1995).

  11. Theurgy. (Elementary, zodiacal attributions to spirits-intelligences-angels - sigils - star lore).

  12. Theurgy of the 1008 planets with sigils and interviews – Dark Planets including.

  13. 1008 Tarot. (In production). Sigils, delineations, 1008 cards; divination system c/o Aspectarian.

  14. Luke's gospel. (Eclipse).

  15. Instant Magick. (RTRRT).

  16. Vedic ascendant sets. (Pending Vedic Heritage awards/issues)

  17. Alchemy. (Pending.)


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