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The following is a brief presentation in future-changing along with excellent prediction.

a)The zodiac was invented as set online since in the early seventies.
b)The original number of dedicated publications was estimated towards 45000 (sic).
c)Petabytes of research material, especially animations were set online particularly as concern #1008planets
d)The zodiac has 22 standard zodiacal constellations (not 13).
e)The Sun has been found irrelevant to zodiac and horoscope, except e.g. in cardiac cases or $GOLD market. See also on Taking the Sun out of the Horoscope.
f)Logically, the Grail quest starts with Venus in Crater. Refugees manifest with Moon in Auriga.
g)Saturn is in Ophiuchus 2017, 1987 and 1929 – these are but some examples.
h)The present ascendant set counts 16 constellations of which some are zodiacal while others are not.
i)Gemini is e.g. seen at north when “astrological” programs miscalculate it at east. Nobody you know had or will have a Gemini ascendant.
j)Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not ascendants.
k)There are #1008planets in each and every horoscope.
l)Predictions such as next marriage can be performed by anybody in seconds by memory from but raw data – often a pair of planets will do.
m)Futurities can advantageously be changed with #RTRRT
n)Anyone can thus predict and change any future on the go – meaning by memory – no tools required.
o)A shoeshine boy predicted death unto known astrologer, not knowing that the guy was famous. He of course casually did so while shining his shoes. Florists, waitresses and butchers feature among people who casually predict for their own customers while being busy serving them.
p)Future-changing is as easy as prediction – also beneficial where wisdom is in store.
q)The Cartesian house system has been tested on the go from cometarians to exotic asteroids.
r)Some notable hash-tags: #RTRRT #AcademicZodiac #ZodiacFix #QuarterSky #ZodiacShift
t)All delineations for dwarf planets #1008planets are made from the incipient discovery date.
u)Those who want to educate themselves may start with any Mini RTRRT Initiation up to e.g. 20 Minutes Astrology. Good luck!
v)The Author: Klaudio Antonio Valentin Solis-Zic.

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