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Acting upon “readings” as based on fabricated skies is dangerous. Reading the skies is observant of visible horizon with its 16 ascendants as seen with anyone's naked eyes 24 hours a day.
Lung problems? Surely not stemming from an afflicted Gemini ascendant at all! Gemini has not been rising at east for 5000 years now. What is rising at east instead? Cetus. Where is Gemini when “astrologers determine” it “at east”. North. The error is 90 degrees. When they swindle you with a “Gemini ascendant” - Gemini is visible at north.
A taurine ascendant being extremely rare, no one you know has an Aries, Gemini or Cancer ascendant at all. Moreover; Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius do not rise at east for the present epoch. No one you know has a “cold Capricorn” ascendant.
You don't have to take it for granted: just take a glance at the sky and the whole story – the real one – is there for you 24 hours a day.
That is: if you really care for yourself, your family and circle of friends.
Having the wrong organ cut out on account of pseudo-astrological advice? As the non-linear zodiacal shift reaches seven (7 sic) signs of error, no one can claim to even nearly guess one's own natal Sun's position in the true skies at all.
Sextans, Orion, Cetus, Ophiuchus... since the Sun does not determine the zodiac at all; we have 22 zodiacal stations instead of merely 16.
The total number of horoscope signs being 67 when Eris and Pluto crash the party, one must think thrice before proclaiming oneself zodiacal expert. Fools make mistakes because they assume that they know what they surely do not know at all: As Pluto never enters Pisces or Aries, so eris will never be i Taurus. CAVEAT!
At this point – being impressed with an alleged astrological authority – there are none – is being sillier than said “expert”. Stay assured that any “expert” in the field never knew one's own natal Sun sign – they rather die than get to acknowledge plain visible facts.
How is it possible that no astrologer predicted 9-11? Because there are no astrologers.
Known terrorist's Moon in Orion plus Eris at 0 altitude western at the NYC horizon.
In order to predict issues to the second, one needs one – a second – as well as planetary positions proper. Colorful charlatans will of course doubtfully impress someone with motley computer programs – something that an Astrologer would never really need at all. You can calculate the day of your next marriage in minutes - by memory – also the death of your own astrologer wold be useful data versus an entropic world.

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