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La donna e' mobile was written with this aspect which is most quintessential not only in humanity but for all life on Earth and beyond. It is with this aspect that both flora and fauna flourish and life is born.

The above intimation towards Aspectarian refers to this fertile aspect: folio volumes would not justify rich delineations galore as vested upon this supreme vista of Isis and Horus, Mary and her little Lamb, motherhood both sacred and profane in all its aspects through eons.

In predicting minute second favorable pregnancy even in the most unlikely cases, we mostly peruse this precious aspect. Impossible pregnancy spells fertility with this aspect and perhaps just a little bit of special yoga exercise. Even when there virtually is no semen or ova, fertility is possible with this aspect in direction or even transit, especially with Venus above the Moon. To shun the real positions of the planets, one therefore shuns pseudo-astrological nonsense while determining the real positions as concern pregnancy – miraculous or otherwise formidable in its complex simplicity triumphant.

As pregnancy may be considered the apex of synastry achievement, the neophyte will study this aspect in deep: in noticing that said aspect is the aspect of the neophyte: shaman boy or otherwise initiated brahmachari.

MO0VE VE0MO therefore mutual aspects mean – issue in - most happy a marriage - fertility as paramount. Women sensing this aspect are particularly drawn to propose!

0 Tidal emotions. Pregnancy even with extra prevention measures as applied. Losing ground underneath from ecstasy mutual. Soul absorption. The woman can not help it: the male faces an array of doors open. Children-centered marriage.

120 Popular marriage: outings and tabloids. Hollywood love. Eternally satisfied wife: whistles while ironing; but most probably can more than afford servants. Breakfast at Tiffany.

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