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Adam and ewe. Woman must be covered from tip to toe – eyes including – and nobody is allowed to sing and dance. As showing one’s face is crime: shoot to kill all disco people!

a)Why are you quarantined whilst illegal migrants get special social care with welfare - at your own cost and detriment? Because they were. Hollywood was built exclusively in order to vilify civilization, like Egypt (Stargate…) while promoting all kind of filth.
b)Torches 21 cars – goes free in Sweden. Cuts throat of five year old after raping her – goes free. Was “seeking for love”: also: his own “religion” not only requires it but strongly promotes it: cut throat of raped goat but do not sell its chopped meat (Italy made Macerata cannibalism legit) within your own village. Imagine how many goats have been born with human features? Another happy accepting family – imagine those people: they welcomed rapefugee monster: gave him food and lodgings: returned home, found throat slit of their daughter. The arms-dealing king protects the wolves – nobody protects sheeple. But light a match in order to burn down a mosque – king himself scurries to comfort. Saudi business too important to him. He is arming them, actually. Stooped so low, so low. Mixed toilets. Glorification of rape. No-go zones. Absurdistan. They cut throats to swans! Imagine that: cutting a throat to swan! It’s in their religion, you know? They do it everywhere they go. No swans allowed. No music. No dance. No Abba. Is that a Swedish flag? Happens all over. Italy just legalized cannibalism – providing you mignig are illegal migrantifa.
c)Your duty is to prevaricate unto infidel while promoting the destruction of worthy world civilizations which actually build life on this planet, not destroy it on the go.
d)Thus you are allowed to kill AD LIBTVM the infidel – in fact that is your religious duty – but you are not allowed to dance and sing. Imagine that. Every religion and folk lore has its dances and songs, even mantrae and holy chants, hymns and odes: even voodoo does. Imagine a “religion” that promotes killing of women who dance and sing? Because about 2/3 of “humanity” professes that! Even more than 2/3 since cultural Marxism is about utter destruction of all peoples, true religions and culture.
e)The leprose lazar core Hyxos as quarantined out of Egypt were joined by rabble. This rabble was white with leprosy: such was their curer and god-fairy: Myriam, Moses’ sister: who was apparently Egyptian as well: a strange name for an Egyptian woman: don’t you think? Also: A’aron is not an Egyptian name at all: so far for credibility. Said homeless “tribe” was encouraged towards genocide after genocide, pest after pest and – later on – lending after lending – even if their :holy books” forbade lending – so holy those books are – but you can do anything with non-tribal: rape, rob and appropriate (especially their gods).
f)So their bible has two geneses – just in case: the AL one and Y one.
g)“If ye transgress, I will scatter you abroad among the nations.” But they were scattered from the very first, borrowed gods on the go, religions they did not understand at all plus Moabian writ. As to customs: cover her from topknot to toe so that eyes can not be seen. That remains original cocoon to this day: in comparison, their byproduct puppet “religion” is almost liberal.
h)Adam and ewe.
i)Now you know why you wear a hijab or mask: it is sign of submission to authority. You are treated not as sheeple but as women: ewes. Woman that can be kicked in her heart (we don’t provide Paki video, but it is online) for dancing and singing since cultural Marxism is salami juice: one is not supposed to sing and dance: such things are forbidden since they represent culture before the arrival of socialism, communism or whatever genocidal “religion” as compatible. You can’t dance.
j)When lepers become lenders.
k)Why in the world would a pharaoh appoint a dubious slave nobody as sooth-sayer in an Egyot as infested with priests? It was loathsome – unthinkable – and surely forbidden in a pharaoh: people would exorcise, laugh and topple such unworthy ruler. Why would Babylon the Great have an illiterate slave as replacing Shamal the wizard? Such slaves knew nothing of local culture, mores and not to speak of – religion: which was also forbidden unto them: as slaves had their own: money. So, does free lending activities make slaves out of them? They were obviously never slaves at all as 2/3 of them refused to return to non-profitable Jerusalem. Nehemiah, was it? Thus the refusal to invest in the temple: Babylon was money: Jerusalem was bad investment as genocidal lepers became lenders. Stood alone. Only one third went and eventually rebuilt temple. Lenders remained on the rivers of Babylon: merrily lending freely ever after.
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