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Prime receipt: beneficial to determine: the pestilent comet that returns from icy viral domains far outside our solar system, imposing itself as viral after 6026 years.

Pestilence over Mesopotamia 400 BC may be ascribed to the present comet.

If it's not upright, there will be an inspection; not beneficial to have someplace to go.

Pestilence is Yersinia pestis. Inspection is hardly “testing” or tracing th innocent |::|||

Virginity helps everything.

The pestilence goes; auspicious.

The pestilence's illness is killing bacteria and viri. Comets bring every kind of recombinable RNA strips along: bacteria and viri like to exchange codes.

There is no (need for) medicine but there is happiness: one heals without any medicine: perhaps not even alternative or original that is traditional methods.

The pestilence's motion is cometary orbit: do not embark on an unplanned voyage!

there is an inspection ;

there is no place to benefit.

Double :::|:: Gates represent (a city like) Jericho which was timely walled (also vs pestilence) already 4000 BC.

Pestilent tribe destroyed it. Genocide was divinely extended to sparrows as well: not merely the usual pregnant women and cattle.

The Chinese just loved comets: they delighted o see them go away fairly forever for all practical purposes: rule was: southern comet = wars. And pestilence.
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