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Seven signs of zodiacal offset #QuarterSky #1008planets

1)Recreational astrology is based on several simple as wrong assumptions as follows.
2)The Sun always rises at east: there are no seasons and surely no precession at all.
3)All planets follow the Sun: the zodiac is merry colorful circle: Ferris wheel.
4)There are consequences to oversimplification.
5)There is nothing wrong in simplification except when it leads to gross global error.
6)We want to be as precise as possible as we oversimplified omniverse too much already!
7)Moon in Corvus as observed from Madrid, Spain is not necessarily syncing with “logically expected” Moon in Corvus as observed from Buenos Aires in Argentina.
8)Zodiacal error is not one sign as everybody will surmise but up to fantastic seven.
9)Towards Christmas on the northern hemisphere, the so-called shift approaches fantastic seven “signs” or rather – constellations: and nobody noticed.
10)Much as nobody noticed that Gemini is not ascendant since Krishna’s own epoch!
11)Ninety degrees or one-quarter skies of “error” or shift are not something that humanity would take into account as it blindly but adamantly pursues its own craze.
12)The proof that humanity does not think at all is visible in the year of the brat.
13)The Sun does not even cross 13 constellations: it in fact travels through 16 of them.
14)One of the major swindles of our time is that we live in an allegedly illuminated era of Aquarius which being water-bearer is an airy sign (sic) otherwise due to represent an average age in 700 years from now.
15)Let it be stated that nobody knows: also: nobody wants to know that all planets cross through Cetus (the Moon sometimes thrice).
16)16 precessed ascendants for the current epoch have nothing much to do with 16 Sun signs.
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