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Visible to any boyscout, Orion rises at east, more precisely CINGVLA ORIONIS does: the ascendant of the Dalai Lama. Surely, no boyscout would assume that ascendant is something visibly rising at east? And lo: Elenin flashes at the horizon. Hubble is in midst of the 11th house of love. Good chart. Just kidding. But your own real natal stars are no joke since they determine every event within your own life to the minute second: every one: yes elven if you are one of the three magi |||:|: or grand initiates currently present on the planet. This planet.

This planet ::: is ascendant. There are 16 of them. Ascendants, not planets.

There are #1008planets | kidding: many more, but 1008 will do.

This would allegedly represent some sort of “Aries point” rising – unclear what rising is.

Now let us but inspect them real skies, shall we?

Ascendant Pisces | (Pisces one is first segment of Pisces) going into Cetus where the Sun should be (around; more or less) on spring equinox.

So how far is Aries? Does not matter at all: suffice to say that Aries never rose at east since Jesus Christ.

The last tiny tiny tiny star of Aries did rise at east when Joseph went to fetch the midwife, thus Lamb: capisci?

Back to Gemini, which never rose at east since Krishna #QuarerSky

M35; NGC2168 on the horizon. Ascendant Eridanus.

The program – any astrological program – will show that allegedly Cancer far away – which is not even ascendant - is rising 'at est' or wherever they figure it should or not #QuarterSky

Cancer is in fact North to Northeast therefore occupying the 10th &or 11th house #QuarterSky

Now imagine an “astrologer” suggesting you to cut this or that organ?

Yes, say THAT organ?

Because it happened and will unless someone stops this craze. But do people actually want to stop craze? Nope. They rather cut organ to prove they are right.

A “Reiki master” - therefore accumulating positive energy through lifetime fasting on perpetual celibacy – just kidding, an overnight paid assassin, weekend initiate at best – will rather die from cancer – which alas they eventually en masse do – than get cured from avatar complex. Self-importance is an over-the-weekend infatuated bitch. People believed in them, that makes them important. Also: fraud is money nowadays as ever?
How many people have been “initiated” over the weekend, only to find out hat the only way to go on is a series of further pseudo-initiations in order to finally dwindle impression on other people in turn? Thus the one swindled upon becomes swindler himself in order to make for lost money.

So, people are eager to get swindled upon: stock markets e,g, report people actually begging to be lied upon, prevaricated: thus eventually looted but they continue to believe in the wrong thing, which makes the world go around. A fine moment this in order to delineate global fraud. No business like fraudulent business: as long as there are believers who will – in Woz's own words “buy everything”. He e.g. printed 2 œ $ dollar bills and nobody noticed.

Says 0 Gemini rising. Let us check the skies. The real ones.

Eris will never enter Taurus much as Pluto never was in Aries and never will.

The ascendant is Cetus. Gemini is not even in sight. But wait:

#QuarteSky north. So one can observe the mortal and immortal twin at north when “program” says east.

Note that #QuarterSky is more like a general guideline as 90 degrees is easy to remember.

The zodiacal “error” or shift climbs to seven (7) “signs” towards Christmas.

As concern precessed ascendant sets, the matter is by far more non-linear as comlicated.

In this case, Gemini occupies the 3rd house. The third house is not ascendant. Just in house...
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