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||| in a saturnine dragon year, the first regime to go full potentate assumes autocratic position.

REGVLVS is little king or regent.

Victory towards spring equinox with sun in Cetus; today Sun enters Aquarius.

Watery danger extends to planets in Capricornus, where Saturn lies ditched below Aquarius.

The watery part of the sky hosts Piscis Austrinus, Capricornus, Cetus, Aquarius, Andromeda and uterine Aries (to name the principal watery mansions of the #1008planets)

along with zodiacal Pegasus and ascendant Aquila hovering above the watery abysses :|::||

COR LEONIS is playing dungeons and dragons: arrests: the name of the star is traduced as the heel that stomps upon your neck: destruction with violence: the fall of an exalted military leader; relying on powerful friends, note that media Mercury is with Pluto: spewing lies as per usual already: as market speculators profit; enmities are real now.

Water canons will be used as Salacia awaits for the second ascent of Venus in Pegasus 2025. Till then, government could approve of your own marriage, or not: if... Seeing that people beg to be swindled while never reacting to threats or portents until past unbearable...
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||:|:: Death of USA 2022 - Phase #1 of 3 :|:|:| - DIVIDE NE ET IMPERA SW


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