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Pluto Return at the end of the USA ||:|::

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USA alleged Pluto return: in this draft we do not apply extra precision at all: being merely assay, we just inspect the verily approximate chart: Serpens Cauda is ascendant no matter what programs say. Astronomy comes first as predictive astrology: all else is divertimento.

Precise custom calculi from NASA JPL are still available for special customers.

With global death toll set to maximum in 2020 already with Saturn Pluto: happened as predicted: we have nothing new, even with a real virus or something as released: always a possible hazard. Himalaya still there: people will live modest lives if live at all: karma et al.

With real estate at stake, we look forward to Tekton and Orcus switching zodiacal positions from Sextans to Hydra and vice-versa. We are talking of big; even huge real estate like whole countries falling from hand to hand: in other words: war: whether visible or invisible.

Legal issue as paramount with the Moon (people) near Rhadamanthus: many have sued governments already. Note that Jupiter joined fatal Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 already.

Moon Spica Virginis is good portent for my own readers: many inventions. Fame andi glory,But: incipient errors empty governmental reserves (this requires further FED chart analyses) : foxy people (akin to Bush dynasty perhaps) suggest “new beginnings” or building back...

This is the end of the USA as we thought we knew: that is for sure: has already been with Saturn returning into Ophiuchus thus operating behind Serpens Cauda's back that is in the 12th house of the horoscope: financial crisis was thus lingering way back before Age of Pegasus.

Plutocracy alright: but partially new breed peruses every trick in every foul book in order to mix credit cards to their own advantage only: people are confused, misinformed &or dead.

With Saturn ditched in Capricornus: being “conservative” does not mean much at all. On the other hand, the Sun approaches an interesting “Obama planet”, stirring old swamps a bit.

The star of the Devil with Niku are formidably aligned with due north. Talking of foxy...
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