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2019 Devil 2025 Days VADEMECVM Walkthrough

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a)Devil's Days 2019-2025 is Niku Apocalypse sequel: precise times as given to minute second as per usual.
b)Viral panacea, “covid” cure, cancer cure, Yersinia pestis Mesopotamian cometarian.
c)2014-2022 Venus in Scutum: 2012-2022 Jupiter in Cetus: 2017-2025 Venus in Pegasus. Precise timing as given to minute second as per usual.
d)WW3 updates (even prior to corvine moons) 2010-2022 and beyond. Moon in Corvus.
e)Matrix hacking is future*changing futurities within futurities #RTRRT
f)45000 publications with catalogs, walk-through: basics and advanced calculi.
g)Instant Magick tuition, basic predictive calculi for toddlers, five minute manifestation.
You will get a PDF (11MB) file

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