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Eliminate Self-Doubt & Take Massive Action

Feeling filled with self-doubt and trying to gain that self-confidence back to take action over your life? 

I get it. I really do. I used to be so dependent on other people and my self-confidence was basically non-existent. 

I wasn't making moves. I was blaming my feelings and emotions on everyone but myself. 

And I wasn't even trying to better my life because I didn't even know where to start.

But things changed. I began self-coaching myself after studying and doing tons of research. I began changing my mindset And in turn, that changed my life. 

I dumped the toxic people from my life and became an independent woman with goals.

And you can change your life around too. 

This workbook is filled with advice and actionable steps and exercises to help you ultimately crush self-doubt and take massive action over your life.

You can take all the money-making courses you want. But if you don't have the right mindset to go along with it, you risk losing it all. 

You have to understand how the mind works and how your feelings and thoughts create the actions that you take.

Once you complete this workbook, you'll be able to understand yourself and your goals. 

You'll be able to take actionable steps to achieve your goals. And you'll come away from it with a newfound confidence that no one can break!

But... you have to be willing to put in the work. No one can make the change for you.

What You'll Find Inside:

Module 1:

Identifying your current potential
  • Figure out where you are in your current life
  • Understand what you’re capable of

Freeing yourself from negative self-talk
  • Learn to recognize negative self-talk and how to convert it to positive
  • Understand how negative self-talk can affect your personal development

How to overcome self-doubt
  • Learn to acknowledge your self-doubt
  • Understand the doubt and overcome it

Module 2:

Create killer self-confidence
  • Understand what self-confidence is
  • Learn to build your worth so that you can feel good about yourself

How to live up to your full potential
  • Stop slacking off in your life and take back control
  • Learn how to find your ultimate potential and make it great

How to identify the ultimate vision for your life
  • Understand where you want your life to go
  • How will your future look
  • Is this the life you really want?
  • What would make your life complete and fulfilled?

Module 3:

Recognizing your goals
  • Understand which goals are most important to you
  • Understand how to set the right goals

What are SMART goals
  • What makes a SMART goal
  • How to implement SMART goals

Effective time management
  • How to make time for the things you really want to do without taking time away from the things you need to do
  • Manage your time so that you feel less stressed out

Module 4:

How to determine what is most important to you
  • Once you recognize your goals, especially long-term, you need to break them down
  • Decide on which goals to achieve first

How to think in the future
  • Think about your future as if you're already there
  • Making future goals happen

>>Includes Bonuses and Extras<<

  • Brainstorming Worksheet (What do you need to let go of?)
  • Self Care Quiz
  • Tolerations Worksheet (What are you putting up with?)

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (540KB)
  • PDF (209KB)
  • PDF (189KB)
  • PDF (173KB)

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