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FREE "IoT Notes" eBook (Colorful Notes)!
If you wanted to know about IoT and IR 4.0 in a collection of notes, this will be the eBook or eNotes for you!
It will be a GREAT LECTURE Notes too!

Among the topics covered:

- What is IoT? Components of IoT
- IoT combat Covid-19
- What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
- Differences between Industry 4.0 and IR 4.0
- The ripples of technology
- IoT inflection point - why now?
- Type of data ownership
- Data-Information-Knowledge-Insights-Wisdom (DIKIW Model)
- Types of Analytics
- Simplest reasons why we need IoT?
- Building IoT - The 3-Step Approach
- Reasons to consider IoT
- Example of IoT Applications
- How IoT can impact the business
- Key success factors and challenges
- 7 IoT Business Models
- Differences Between MQTT and HTTP Protocols
- Advantages of Internet of Things
- Disadvantages of the Internet of Things
- The Future of Connected Field Technician
- Benefits of Using a Vehicle Tracking System
- IoT Reshaping the World Post Covid-19
- 7-Layers of OSI
- IoT Architecture
- 7-Layers of IoT
- Everything about Sensor Technology
- Which network?
- LPWAN Comparisons
- Advantages of using Arduino
- What Programming Languages Rule IoT
- What's an IoT Platform
- System Integration in the Era of IR 4.0
- System Integration in IoT
- Steps to implement system integration
- Top 10 skills required to become an IoT Engineer
- The 5 Levels of Vehicle Automation
- The 5 Levels of Drone Autonomy
- Challenges and Key Success Factors of Implementing IoT
- Favoriot IoT Platform - Free and Premium
- IoT Video Resources
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