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Año Nuevo: Music for ukulele [ENGLISH] / Regular tuning / Sheet music + Audio tracks

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(ENG) About this work

This ebook contains all the sheet music and tablature for solo ukelele of the music of Año Nuevo (a digital album by Julián Rodríguez available on Spotify, YouTube, and other similar platforms). Audio tracks for all the arrangements performed by the author are also included.
Año Nuevo is an exploration of the roots of Argentine popular music (tango and folklore). Throughout six new compositions and an arrangement of the traditional cueca Batallón Segundo, Julián tries to translate some of the rich musical heritage of Argentina to ukulele.

¡Disponible en español aquí!

  1. Dos Changos (chacarera)
  2. Año Nuevo (zamba)
  3. La espumita (chacarera)
  4. Estudios milongueros (three milonga airs)
    I. Lobuno
    II. Zaino
    III. Tordillo
  5. Batallón segundo (cueca)
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