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It is estimated that as many as 41% of people currently living in the United States will develop some form of cancer within the next 20 years. This translates to about 130 million individuals – a truly shocking statistic that, in spite of the cancer industry’s best attempts to spin it, represents an increase in the overall rate of this leading cause of death over the past half-century, and not a decrease as you may have heard.

Take a moment to let this statistic sink in, and consider what this means for you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and your neighbors. This means that roughly two in five people you know, or nearly half of your social circle, will develop some form of cancer. And you could be included in this dire statistic if you don’t take the proper steps now to help minimize your cancer risk.

And that’s what this Ebook will help you to do.
It’s going to help you from becoming a cancer statistic and give you critical information to take control of your health. In just moments, you’ll be learning the exact steps to minimize and avoid cancer-causing toxins that you are unknowingly being exposed to every single day, multiple times per day.
Just so you know: I’m not new to exposing the truth and helping people with cancer. I’ve been on this quest for over 20 years, and I DON’T want you or anyone you know to become another cancer statistic.

In this eye-opening ebook, you’ll be learning many “unknown” cancer
prevention strategies, such as:
• How to avoid hidden, cancer-causing chemicals in your food, water, personal care products, and in and around your home and workplace
• Why certain animal foods promote cancer and why others actually inhibit cancer growth
• How to eat as close to nature as possible to reinforce your immune system to become a cancer defending machine
• Which products are critical to immediately remove from your house and workspace to avoid toxic chemical contamination
• Which specific brands and products are safe for you to use that will significantly minimize your cancer risk
• How to find these safer, non-toxic products and what to look for in purchasing them
• And so much more!
By the way, you won’t see any of the information in this report in the major media outlets – on the major news channels, their websites, in the newspapers, or any of the major magazines on your newsstand.

And here’s why…

These major media outlets (and even the small local ones) have as their advertisers the exact corporations that are marketing these poisonous toxins to you. The old adage, “never bite the hand that feeds you” couldn’t be any truer!

The good news is, after reading this report (and I’m so glad you are), you’re going to be educated and empowered to make much smarter, healthierchoices. As you read, keep in mind that I will be exposing many of these hidden toxins along with which products contain them, and then will be giving you safer, non-toxic and often natural alternatives for each of them. You’ll even learn DIY tips on how you can make some of these products yourself, so you can save money too.
To Cancer Free LIFE.

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