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Frau Holle Stole

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The shawl is knitted in two parts and starts from the centre.
You start with a provisional cast-on
to make the scarf/stole seamless.

Pictures shows the long scarf.
Thanks to Ninjacassy fpr the pictures.

A stole or scarf to symbolize snow fall. It starters in clear weather and then the snow starts to fall until you can see the snowflakes and the first icicles begin to form.
The stole or scarf is inspired by the germanic fairy tail “Frau Holle” who with her household chores is responsible for the weather and when shaking the bed the feathers fly and become snow on earth.
The other inspiration is my friend Juliane who is addicted to lace knitting.

Pattern is given in both CHART and WRITTEN Instructions


Scarf small: 63’’ x 12.5’’ (160 x 30cm)
app. 700 yards (640m)

Scarf long: 94’’ x 12.5’’ (240cm x 30cm)
820 yards (750m)

Stole small: 63’’ x 25’’ (160cm x 60cm)
1200 yards (1100m)

Stole long: 94’’ x 25’’ (240cm x 60cm)
1882 yards (1720m)

Directions given for making a customizing the length of the stole or scarf.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (2MB)





Wilde Schwäne




Lady of the Lake


Das Waldhaus


Das Waldhaus Mitten


Rapunzel Mitten


Frau Holle


Von dem Fischer un syner Fru