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This cowl is inspired by the fairy tale “die Gänsemagd” or “the goose girl”.
In this the eponymous heroine is a princess who is send to a different country to get married.
Her mother gives her a kerchief with three drops of blood to identify herself.
Thanks to her evil maid she drops said kerchief into a river and later becomes the goose girl as she can’t prove she’s the real princess.

The three red buttons represent the three drops of blood and the lace pattern the river.

The pattern is seamless, apart form attaching the buttons.

Size: 75cm x 21cm (29.5’’ x 8’’) but easily adjustable.

Needles: 6mm / US 10

Yarn: 1 skein of Herdywool 100% wool in Ecru

Difficulty: The lace is knitted on both sides, but if you knitted lace before this is easy.

Notions: 3 red buttons

Pattern has both CHART and WRITTEN Instructions
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (272KB)
  • PDF (330KB)

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