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4 Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in

By Djeukem Momo Loic Cabrel
Brief Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in the Werewolves Pack is an adventure of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest where they get surprised all along their journey to rescue the unicorns, by werewolves pack with whom they fight many battles, and centaurs who are their allies.

Detailed Summary:

As they succeeded in fleeing away from the centaurs and after Firenze had wished them good luck and gone away, Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Neville and Hermione on their way fall on professor Lupin who's heading to the werewolves after failing to gather the unicorns for their exit out of the forest.

As Lupin metamorphoses into a werewolf and goes; pressing werewolves' growls and howls pushes Hagrid and the children to climb on trees to escape from the pack of werewolves who have now come to them and are scuttling around their trees. As Hagrid and the children listen to their dreadful talk, Hagrid wonders how he is going to rescue himself and the children from the werewolves, and the centaurs who will soon show up and shoot arrows at them.

After thinking of an escape plan, he and the children light fire and set branches alight and shoot it on the werewolves' skin which set alight in the fire and have them running out madly in the forest. The noise of the commotion reaches the phoenixes sent by Dumbledore to rescue Hagrid and the children; and the birds arrive the scene as centaurs are also active down and they roast the flesh of many centaurs and werewolves with their burning skins.

After they are carried away by phoenixes from the tree, they follow their way in the turning tunnels and come many times across werewolves. As they reach the last entrance to the tunnels; Harry and Ron get caught by two fighting werewolves who reveal themselves later to be Lupin and Fenrir. The two of them fight with werewolves coming to help Fenrir, as they are thundering the slope; and Lupin succeeds in defeating the werewolves.

They later join Hagrid, Neville, Hermione and Ron and after some few battles with werewolves and centaurs; they succeed in making it to the unicorns who were led out of the forest to the clearing by phoenixes under the orders of Dumbledore.

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