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Moon Base and Beyond

(2013 - Scribal Arts)

Featuring the GEO-DMF System: Introducing a feasible system for permanently operating on the Moon, Mars and other parts of our solar system and far beyond with existing and emerging technologies that allow for:

  • Massive, Automated Permanent Space Architecture and Infrastructure for Martian and Lunar Bases, etc.
  • Highly Advanced Space Electronics, Space Supercomputing and Durable, Highly-Intelligent Space Robots
  • Greatly Enhancing the Space Economy to Enrich All of Earth's People (and do so affordably enough not to hinder investors)

NASA recognizes that microgravity manufacturing and mining precious and industrial metals from our solar system would be so lucrative as to solve the world's economic problems and enrich everyone on the planet.

$10.00 per 'Moon Base and Beyond' ebook copy sold will be donated to sponsor the first steps towards implementing the GEO-DMF System.

Book Reviews:

"Moon Base and Beyond is a valuable resource for any space enthusiast. Morris identifies the need for inexpensive, strong structures, robust computing and robotic construction and automation. She offers a solution to these challenges via the GEO-DMF System. She presents a treasure trove of well-researched applications while covering numerous facets of living in and exploring through space."

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Dr. Jason Cassibry is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and affiliated with the Propulsion Research Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His research involves thermonuclear fusion for interplanetary propulsion. He has advised 14 advanced degree students to completion and co-authored 17 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of advanced propulsion, thermonuclear fusion, and plasma physics.

"A remarkably comprehensive look at technologies that solve space habitat construction, life support, and commercial development problems, and slash the costs of permanently operating in space. The system explained can usher in the much-anticipated, but grievously delayed, era of continuous human presence on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere. Meticulously researched, superbly organized, and absorbing, this work is a real page-turner and highly recommended for space professionals, science fiction enthusiasts, students, and the general public. Most definitely not the 'same-old-same-old'!"

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Dr. Albert A Harrison, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis, author of 'Spacefaring: The Human Dimension'

"A readable, unique work offering many new ideas -- a valuable must-read for anyone interested in colonizing extraterrestrial bodies."

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Daniel Berleant, PhD, author of "The Human Race to the Future—What Could Happen and What to Do"

“'Moon Base and Beyond' integrates technologies into a system that may very well constitute the unpredictable wild-card that breaks the long-standing bottleneck that has prevented humankind from permanent, affordable deep space settlements. Morris addresses, in a highly-readable fashion, the disciplines critical to building a permanent lunar habitation and one on Mars and far beyond. Her presentation is unique and powerful enough to re-ignite excitement by the general public in advancing space activities. Her book can strongly inspire students to direct their interests and disciplines to the evolution and survival potentials of modern humankind and its biotechnological descendants.

“I highly recommend 'Moon Base and Beyond' as required reading for students pursuing all college and post graduate curricula. It is an excellent, informative, and easy-read for high school, undergraduate and post- graduate students regardless of their specific interests and disciplines of study and research.

“Morris' Moon Base and Beyond' is also a marvelous discussion piece for anyone concerned with the increasingly pressing issues of "Wither and Whether Humankind?" A seemingly ancillary issue, but certainly pressingly critical at the moment, is her discussion regarding the strong, positive impact on the global economy that can be gained by a genuinely global space program embracing permanent humankind migration and settlement off-Earth."

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Dr. George S. Robinson, LL.B., LL.M., and the first Doctor of Civil Laws in Space Law, served for 25 years as legal counsel for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and worked as an International Relations Specialist for NASA. He is a prolific author with 50 years experience in Space Law, and is by training and practice an evolutionary biologist.

"Now comes Margaret Morris' Moon Base and Beyond, another mind-blowing volume on humanity's future beyond Earth.

"Such publications create public awareness about our opportunities off-world and guidance towards achieving permanent lunar installations. Two factors will contribute to our taking advantage of space resources. Apart from China, it is the private sector that will likely provide this leadership aloft, particularly space entrepreneurs. But it is new technologies that will enable us to do this....

"She makes a telling case for how robotically to build automated, virtually permanent megalithic lunar architecture, and how to use the Moon (1) as a laboratory to create new technologies requiring lunar gravity manufacturing and various other systems (profitable and useful for the Moon and elsewhere); and (2) to demonstrate a new model for transforming other celestial bodies.

"Morris is a visionary who forecasts myriad applications of this innovative system aloft - from reducing new space junk (DMF is useful for creating radiation-tolerant small, super-smart satellites) to erecting lunar and Martian greenhouses and much more."

ABOUT THE REVIEWER: Dr. Philip Robert Harris is a management/space psychologist. He is author/editor of some 53 published books. His Space Enterprise - Living and Working Offworld in the 21st Century was released in 2009. Phil's novel Lunar Pioneers was published in 2010.

Moon Base and Beyond mentioned in other literature:

Moon Daily, July 27, 2013

Space Policy, Volume 29, Issue 4, November 2013

Dr. James Moltz, Crowded Orbits: Conflict and Cooperation in Space
Columbia University Press, Apr 29, 2014, pages 79, 205


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