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More than, less than, equal to Worksheets

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These worksheets will help your student know: more than, less than & equal to problems while they go through a smooth transition from easy to difficult. Some of the activities in this pack will require scissors and glue.

-Kiddos are instructed to circle the group that has more/less.
-The students use <, > or = to solve each problem.
-Posters to hang in your classroom board to remind the children that when in doubt they should remember the crocodiles mouth.
-Students pick a set of numbers (or you can come up with them) and they should determine if the numbers are less than , more than or equal to each other. In the line, they should write ___ is greater than___. They can use the crocodile cut out page to glue a croc to show their answer.
-Crocodile cut out page.
-Kiddos count the goldfish in each bowl, they write the amount of fish in each bowl and decide whether the two numbers are less than or greater than each other.
-The students cut the numbers out and paste them in the correct side of the crocodile to demonstrate their knowledge. This worksheet would look great in a bulletin board ;)
-Cut the crocodiles and decide whether the numbers are greater than or less than each other. Place the crocodile in the corresponding square.
-Circling groups that have less/more.
-Counting objects. Write the number of objects on the line. Circle the group with more/less objects.
-The kids count flowers in each pot. Will write the number in the box. Write < or > to show which pot has more flowers.
-Circle the largest/smallest number in a set of numbers.
-Count the shapes and write the numbers. Then circle the > or < symbol.
-Add both equations in each row. Decide whether the answers are more than (>), less than (<) or equal (=) to each other.
-Look at both numbers in the balance. Decide whether the numbers are more than (>), less than (<) or equal (=) to each other.
-The kiddos use the numbers from 10 to 15 to make the statements true. How many different ways can they find?
-Write a number that is less than the number shown.
-Write a number that is more than the number shown.
-Coloring the symbol that makes the equation correct.
-The student looks at 2 numbers and decides which symbol fits the equation.
-Student looks at a number given and colors the numbers that are less or more than the one given.
-Write a number that is larger than the number shown or write a number that is smaller than the number shown.
-Place value worksheets in which student uses >, <, and symbol to compare numbers.

Please take a look at the thumbnails to get a glimpse of what this super mega action packed resource contains.

I have now included the More Than Less Than BOOM cards in this download so you can have the worksheets and the interactive BOOM cards for distance learning. If you want only the BOOM cards just click here to obtain them.

Thanks you & enjoy!

Total 73 pages. 32 BOOM cards.


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