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2nd Grade High Frequency Words

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These worksheets are focused on 289 high frequency words for 2nd graders. Please download the Preview file to see the words included, the flashcards and how the worksheets will look like.
The student will color the word then write it. They will fill in the blank to use the word in a sentence.
In some worksheets the student will have a word bank to choose from which they will use to fill in the sentence with the correct word. They will have to search the words from the word bank in the word search. They will then write a sentence using two of the high frequency words.
In other worksheets the student will color the word then write it in the box. When done they will circle the word as many times as they see it in the scramble of letters. They will then have to graph how many times they found the word. Student will now write a sentence with the word. Finally, they will circle the correct spelling of the high frequency word.
In another sheet the student will color the word, write the word, and then use the high frequency word in a sentence.
The worksheets keep the same format to keep the student engaged. These can be cut and made into little books or used as a worksheet.

For the flash cards you can make 3 different piles: Words I already know, Words I will learn & Words I am learning. These can be proven useful for those students who are struggling a bit.

I added a mustache activity. For the mustaches I would recommend to glue them on popsicle sticks and have the students use them as props around the class or you can have them punch holes in the corners and attach a string. They can use the High Frequency Words Around The Classroom worksheet and go around the class and write down the words they see. When they are done they write their own sentence and this could be a great time to have the student stand up in front of the class with the classmate who has the high frequency word in his sentence. This activity will promote better friendships in class and most of all will help those students who are shy when standing in front of an audience.

Like always thanks for viewing!
& thank you very much for your continued support it is very much appreciated!

Total 90 pages.
You will get a PDF (9MB) file

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