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These worksheets will help your student learn different types of verbs.

Pg.1 Cut the page in half to have 2 small hand outs to give to the students explaining what a verb is.
Pg.2 This poster is for you, the teacher, to hang in your classroom board to remind the children that when in doubt look at the definition of verb and clue pictures.
Pg.3 Fill in the verb. Students pick a verb that best completes each sentence.
Pg.4 Circling verbs. Read each sentence and circle the verb in each sentence.
Pg.5 Simple past verbs. The student is given two verbs per each sentence and circle the verb that best fits each sentence.
Pg.6 Past-tense verbs. Students read each sentence and circle the past tense verb in each.
Pg.7 Fill in the verbs. The student reads the sentence, look at the picture and fills in the blank with a verb from the word bank to complete each sentence.
Pg. 8 Verb tense sort. The student will sort the verbs shown in two columns to show their knowledge on present tense and past tense verbs.
Pg.9 Circling irregular verbs. Explains what an irregular verb is and asks the student to read each sentence and circle the irregular verb that best completes each sentence.
Pg.10 Knowing linking verbs. Gives examples of linking verbs and asks the students to circle each in the given sentences.
Pg.11 3 types of linking verbs. Circle the linking verb in each sentence.
Pg. 12 Irregular verbs. Circle the past tense verb that correctly completes each sentence.
Pg. 13 Irregular verbs in sentences. Each sentence will have 3 choices to pick from to complete each sentence.
Pg.14 Choosing a verb. Describes what an irregular verb. Kiddos will have to choose the proper past tense form of each irregular verb provided.
Pg.15 Verbs cut & glue. Kiddos will have to cut out each word on the right and past it in the correct column on the left. Each verb will line up with the past and present form.
Pg.16 Past simple tense irregular verbs. Write the past tense verb that correctly completes the sentence.
Pg.17 Adding -ed to verbs. The students will add -ed to all the words shown to make the words past tense.
Pg.18 Verb matching. Write the correct number to match each picture with a sentence. Circle the verb in each sentence.
Pg.19 Writing past simple tense. Write the simple past forms next to each verb.
Pg.20 Verbs or not verbs? Color the verbs green, draw an ''X'' on words that are not verbs.
Pg.21 Verbs fill in. Write the correct verb in the blank space by picking one of the two choices provided.
Pg.22 Underlining verbs. Underline the verb in each sentence.
Pg.23 Present progressive verbs. Explains what a present progressive verb is. The students will add an -ing to all the words to shown to make the words a present progressive verb.
Pg.24 Pick a verb. Read each sentence, decide which verb best fits each sentence and draw a line to match it.
Pg.25 Writing irregular verb sentences. Write a sentence using the irregular verb shown.
Pg.26-27 12 flashcards showing a verb in action.

Check out the thumbnail to see what the worksheets will look like.

Hope this helps!

Total 35 pages.

Form and use regular and irregular verbs.
Identify frequently occurring root words (e.g., look) and their inflectional forms (e.g., looks, looked, looking).
Use verbs to convey a sense of past, present, and future (e.g., Yesterday I walked home; Today I walk home; Tomorrow I will walk home).
Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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