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After Reading Strategies

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The following worksheets in this resource would greatly benefit students after reading with their buddies or after reading a book solo. These reading strategies will get students thinking about the story they've read. Students will discuss story elements together or do independent thinking regarding the characters, setting, problem, solution, and main idea. Use it for homework, reading centers, or co-op reading.

Page 2-3: Characters in the story. Illustrating and naming characters and their traits.
Page 4-5: Protagonist and antagonist. Write problem and solution in the story. Protagonist and antagonist similarities and differences.
Page 6-7: Story setting. Illustrate and describe the setting. Tell the weather and time of day.
Page 8-10: Read and recall. Write down 6 things that happened on the story in sequence in story cards. Show that you know the beginning, middle and end. Retell the story.
Page 11-12: Character association. Similarities and differences with one of the characters in the story.
Page 13-14: Main idea. Write the main idea and details of the story.
Page 15: A different ending. What would you change in the ending of the story?

Watch them think and grow!

Total 16 pages.
You will get a PDF (503KB) file