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3-Digit Minus 2-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping Worksheets

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Comprehensive practice with 3-digit minus 2-digit subtraction fueled by those who need extra practice or have been recently introduced to regrouping which maybe daunting. This beautiful 34 page booklet provides wonderful graphics for the kiddos to keep them engaged and provides and array of cut and paste worksheets for the students to see options in their answers allowing them to know whether the answer they have provided is correct. See, if you cut the answers and have them in front of you and you don't find the one you got then that means its wrong. So it's essentially a self check for the students. For the other types of sheets provided the student will have practice without having a recourse as to looking for answers and therefore trust in themselves that they are able to answer each problem.

Lot of cutting and gluing will be involved since half of the pages are for that but if you don't want the kids doing all that then simply have them cross out their answers so they know which ones they have solved for already. This awesome packet is plentiful in practice that will allow your kiddos to succeed and master regrouping subtraction, no doubt about it.

Because there is a wide variety of practice I encourage you to see the thumbnails to see what I mean when I say kiddos will be: subtracting 3-digit hundreds-all zero's, subtracting 3-digit hundreds-zero's and ones, and subtracting 3-digit numbers mix.

The booklet has a beautiful cover with ample space for the children to write their names.

Answer key is provided to make your life easier. :)

Your kiddos will enjoy the silly titles and graphics with the problems.

Have fun!

Total of 78 pages.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file