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Collaborative Discussion Task Cards

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These task cards can be perfect to break the ice initiating conversations and aid student in improving the way they express their thought and ideas.

Help your students evolve their thinking and speech with these task cards that help:

Begin to express an opinion
Solicit a response from peers
Making predictions in which readers use information from a text (including titles, headings, pictures, and diagrams) and their own personal experiences to anticipate what they are about to read.
Acknowledge ideas whether they are presented by classmates or another source.
Express lack of understanding and asking for clarification.
Paraphrasing using different words to achieve greater clarity.
Individual reporting resulted by information gathered by books or peers.
Amicable disagreement
Partner and group reporting
Offer suggestion to peers
Holding the floor during debates or classroom discussions
Check out the thumbnails to see what the task cards will look like.


Total 13 pages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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