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The Gifted Child, John's Saga

The Gifted Child John's Saga

I was born into this world struggling to find out what was important in life. Initially I was lost and suffering hard times without patriarchal leadership, knowing only whispers of who my grandfathers were. They past away without knowing I existed. All I knew of my father is what people told me, which wasn't much; he died when I was two. I am a descendant of slaves. A people cut off from their roots. It would seem my birthright, the only thing I was an heir to, was despair. God must have cursed the day I was born. Life was really hard. It was hard on a lot of people, especially my family.

My whole situation was strange because, as difficult as it was for me, it could also be said that God blessed the day I was born. I was growing up at the end of the Civil Rights movement. A time in America that would give me ample opportunity to make something of myself. I would be fortunate to be born into a household headed by a strong pragmatic woman. Her life and mine would give new meaning to the saying, "God will never place more on your shoulders than you can bear."

This is our story!

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