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The Wanderpeople (Ebook)

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Fatha is a young man of the Wanderpeople, who travel around the Great Mother Plain in their large wagons. He is the son of Grannon, the Clan-chieftain, and is in line to succeed him.

Fatha's stepmother, has always wanted to have more influence in the Clan. Only Fatha and his father stand in her way.

When, Grannon dies in a raid on the Clan's cattle. Fatha's stepmother accuses Fatha of attacking her, and he is cast out of the clan. 

   As an outcast, Fatha may be killed by anyone who comes upon him. 

   Fatha's friend Narolen, is cast out with Fatha, and with her support he learns to do more than just survive.

   Added to this is a strange jewel entrusted to him by a water-sprite and an invasion of a new and strange tribe known as the Krondir.

   Fatha must surmount his status as outcast, and become more than he thought he could be.

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