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Plague Wizards (E-Book)

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Discover a world where magic and science collide, where a courageous botanist and a wizard of medium ability must navigate perilous challenges and ancient mysteries to save their kingdoms from a devastating threat. In Plague Wizards, Alison Mackarg's journey to Scotland takes an unexpected turn when she's transported to a land with unfamiliar plant life and where people rely on magic over technology.

With a magically implanted understanding of the local language and a growing fascination with the world around her, Alison gets caught up in the murder of one of the tribesmen where she is staying. Meanwhile, Royin Gredion's-Child awakens as the new Grand Master of Pangwa Household, burdened with the legacy of a catastrophic magical disaster that threatens his kingdom. All magic comes at a cost, and their world is on the brink of chaos.

As Alison and Royin's paths intersect, they must confront their own traumas and differences to unravel the truth behind the impending doom. From the enigmatic kingdom of Saljashin to the peaceful village of Strick's Bolg, they face dangerous foes and unexpected allies.

Plague Wizards is a riveting tale of resilience, courage, and the pursuit of knowledge in the face of adversity. Will Alison's unconventional insights into disease, Royin's mastery of magic, and a daring plan to relocate Pangwa Household be enough to thwart the devastating plagues and restore order to their lands? As ancient forces awaken and secrets unfold, they must journey beyond their worlds to secure a brighter future. This compelling and intricate fantasy novel will captivate your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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