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"There's a ghost in my house"

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I use the name Spooks for my writing, not my real name but very apt.  

All my books are crammed with true short stories of ghosts and the unexplained.

I see ghosts and apparitions  How is that possible? I have for around 23 years now been able to talk to, see and communicate with the dead. I had a life that took me to the bottom of a huge pit, when I started to see pictues in my mind and hear the voice of a member of my family who had died many years previous, I could see ghostly figures in my room and shadows everywhere, orbs and flashing lights, white, green, blue and many more. I do also have the most amazing visions of things that actually do come true, mostly within weeks. I can see events that do happen; no human being could ever do that without the help of higher beings of some kind, Wow! how cool.   

My first book; “There’s a ghost in my house” briefly explains the troubles and problems I had to go through in my earlier life.  How I was saved from a miserable life in what I can only describe as HELL, then how I was introduced to the other side and started to see ghosts, apparitions, orbs and shadows in my bedroom nearly every night. I have spoken to many people who want to know more about what we believers do and how do I get into it? How do I know I have a ghost? how can I see one? How do I talk to the dead? Can I do what you do? I hope I have explained it so everyone who reads my book can understand what I say, even new believers who are just starting out on this subject.

Ask me if I believe in ghosts? of course I do. I see them all of the time. It can be very tiring being woken up at 3am most nights by some wandering spirit, I am sometimes simply exhausted the next day and sometimes need to ask for my spiritual window to be closed for a while,which you can do. I say wandering spirit, because I never know who is visiting me next or what vision I will see of the future. I was worried I would see the death of one of my family.

I have now learned that It really is nothing to be scared about, honestly. If you loved your granny in this life for instance, why be scared of her in spirit, nothing has changed at all, only that she would be in spirit form that's all. It is a beautiful experience let me tell you. When my Granddad comes to me I smell his cigarette smoke and my bed drops where he sits on it next to me, he always enters my room like that so I know it is him. Believe it or not, but he knocks on my door first, how weird is that?

All the stories are true to the best of my knowledge, all photos taken of any ghost or entity are real, call them what you want but it's a haunting. The stories are new and have never been published before.  Some pictures in the book are what it may have looked like at the time. 99% of the stories are new and exciting, but all true. . 

If you have a story or a photo of a ghostly happening you would like printed in my next book, please get in touch at;

Photos must be origonal and not taken from the Internet. 

This e mail address is for stories and photos only. 

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