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Speedo Down: The Record, Book 3

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I had a handle on things, then the dragons showed up.

On the average day, I juggle the human and magical worlds with a reasonable amount of skill. Based on the dude exhaling sparks in front of me, today isn’t most days.

I’m Cleopatra O’Keefe, a one jigger juggernaut holding the line between the worlds while slinging drinks and using a symbiont book to help me parse these human, magical, and omnipotent miscreants. I’m just one woman, people. Reality much?

Dragon-human hookups are impossible, but Sparky is as real as I am. Poseidon and his ratty red speedo are MIA, and the incoming info all points to the dragons. My question is, are dragons the bad guys or are Olympians pulling my chain? Their track record kinda sucks.

The Speedo is down. Crud. Day 6,935 of the weirdest job on the planet.


Cleopatra O'Keefe is back and slinging her brand of feisty fatalism like it's the world's hottest cocktail! Don't miss the snarky, ever expanding world of The Record as the dragons show up and take a swig, er, swing for the fences of freedom.

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