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Pixie Prick: The Record, Book 4

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I’m Cleopatra O’Keefe, and I’m tired AF.

In the past year, I’ve managed to keep a pile of unappreciative gods and magicals on track, and now a rogue, full-on-jerk pixie king I didn’t know existed is determined to burn the world—and take me out with it. Normally, I'd see this as a shrug and slug back proposition, but the past year's ginormous battles had a price.

I need a freaking miracle. The entire world is ready for a drink. And that pixie’s gotta go. So far, the cocktails are the only part I’ve got handled. My rock, my forever love, is on the other side of the globe working to help me, but the distance limits what he can do. We’re all in survival’s countdown, but I’m not down for the count. Yet.

The pixie king’s army just blew my safe harbor to smithereens, and everyone I love is at risk.

Time to pour a fat glass of payback.


You've never read an end of world scenario with cranky pixies? Then you need Pixie Prick in your life. You'll never guess what Cleopatra O'Keefe comes up with to survive this shenanigan!

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