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Blood Moon Dragon

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Curvy country star Cassie Miller-Pope lives and breathes music until the fated day when betrayal boots her in the backside and leaves her flailing for balance. She completes her obligations, then demands her manager-ex-boyfriend give her time off to visit her home country of New Zealand. No, she’s not licking her wounds. She’s checking out her unexpected inheritance from her grandfather. That’s her story, and she’s sticking to the script.

Hone Taniwha is a bad boy—a reputation he’s earned honestly and doesn’t deny. After all, his rules aren’t hush-hush. He makes his anti-marriage and attachment opinions clear before each sexual encounter. But what he does keep secret is his true identity. His surname indicates his shifter personality. Hone is a taniwha—that’s dragon to you non-New Zealand readers—and to help keep his human form and his tribes’ otherness under the radar, sex and lots of it, is a necessity.

Cassie is enamored with Hone from the beginning, despite warnings from her best friend. Hone experiences the same lethal attraction and struggles to avoid the woman who wears happy-ever-after on an invisible billboard above her head. Unbeknown to Cassie, the second she gives in to her desire for the charming rogue, she’s placed herself in jeopardy, and it’s not just danger to her beleaguered heart. This time it’s her life on the line…in a battle that’s the stuff of legends.

Warning: Contains a voluptuous, girl-next-door heroine with a wounded heart and a sexy, happy-go-lucky alpha hero with a rebellious dragon. Both have secrets, so let’s see how things shake down…
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