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Black Moon Dragon

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A sacrifice for love has repercussions across the centuries.

After her father dies, Jessalyn Brown’s life is one drama after another, and now she has developed a mysterious and surely fatal disease. Either that or she’s turning crazy. Desperate for answers, she travels to the city, and that’s where her dilemmas become bigger and life-threatening.

In a deep depression after he executed his mother to keep dragons a secret from humans, Manu Taniwha’s life is full of petty squabbles and a noisy faction who demands he step down as the leader. Now a young woman is setting fires and threatening his leadership. He must execute her too, for the good of his people. Except when he meets her, he discovers she is his mate. She is the one person in this world who might make his life bearable.

Taniwha politics and secret squirrel dragon stuff create roadblocks to a romance while the mystery of Jessalyn’s heritage is plain puzzling. The clock is ticking, and if Manu doesn’t get his act together, he’ll lose the perfect-for-him woman.

Contains a grumpy billionaire taniwha, mesmerizing tattoos, politics, and a strong, sassy woman who is about to burst out of her cocoon and kick dragon butt. Stand well back because her flames are hot!
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